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In the waiting room on the ground floor, CT area, there's a lady on the seventy, lean, dressed in warm colors.

She says, "So we'll all die."

I cross the anguished eyes of my mother and then again the lady who says, "So we'll save everyone."

I turn to my mother and beat two times the index finger against his temple: "There is not with your head."

The lady called Laura A., says who lives near the hospital, in the great course near the stadium, says he has her husband and children, and grandchildren, and though it is there alone. Then blatantly system wig.

When he touches her real hair 3/4 wigs, he gets up - with the folder full of papers, securitization of evil - and on the door, still pointing to us, says: "We will all die."

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Shall We Dance "(2004), based on a Japanese film a few years ago, he tells the story of a Chicago lawyer who, trying to escape the monotony of everyday life, he began to cultivate a passion for ballroom dancing. Stanley Tucci, American actor and director in this film plays Link Peterson, colleague and friend of the protagonist John Clark (Richard Gere). Link, seemingly serious and rigorous will prove a surprise dancer experienced Latin-American dances. His skills are actually the result of years and years of training, but always done in secret, in his room or by using various disguises, for fear of the judgment of the people. It will be a fundamental support for John and will take part, along with him, the Blackpool Dance Festival, one of the most important contest in Chicago for ballroom dancing, giving off its large capacity. In the final scene we see him engaged to Bobbie (Lisa Ann Walter), his dance partner and John in the competition. Tucci's character gives perhaps the best comical moments of the film, the first of his "revelation", with him dancing in incognito room with a wig and false teeth, but ends up being unmasked by Bobbie, leaving all but especially John, dumbfounded.


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 photos of men in wigs and red noses Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

scono from the darkness of the urban periphery or forests to terrorize passersby. A new fashion that came from overseas in Britain up to also touch Italy. That of horror-clown. The phenomenon exploded in the United States in recent months has generated a collective psychosis. Some states have already decided to ban the disguises inspired by the character of the clown Pennywise murderess, shaped by the pen of Stephen King's novel It.

The counties of the United States, those that correspond to our provinces are on alert. The last town in time to have taken measures is Kemper County in Mississippi. There curly hair wig human hair, the City Council has just said to the disguises to the Halloween festivities, the day when the fever clown could explode in the Old Continent, saw that fashion has already arrived in Britain. The same thing happened in New Haven in Wisconsin, where who will be disguised in the night of the witches will incur a fine of $ 150. But are just the latest to have taken action on the matter.

The videos of Clown Sightnings, the Twitter and Facebook accounts that monitor the phenomenon from the US to Wales, show that the clowns are various reactions. It goes with fear to the threat with a firearm, although it is difficult to determine whether this is a pantomime crafted to feed this RPG that now rages worldwide. In the last hours the clowns seem to have invaded the Continental Europe.

In Germany alone over the weekend were 86 sightings in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Grusel Clown, afraid of clowns, they hit passers physically, to make more credible performance. Happened to Berghein where a boy was shot in the arm by a clown suddenly he came out of a bush. Even in our country there have been sightings. Domitius the coast and on the outskirts of Catania is the first sightings occurred.

The identity hidden by makeup and wig has often led the American police to take action. Arrests and disguise prohibitions were the consequence prince. In a statement the Utah police warned the people: "It 's illegal to shoot the clown", stemming a possible violent drift of the phenomenon. But the reports will still like the police.

On the Internet, meanwhile, is already open season on clown on social groups are called clowns hunters. The "Clown Hunters" seem to have spread not only in the United States. Facebook groups with the same order they were born from Perth, Australia, to Maryland in the US, through Brighton in the UK up to the New Zealand. A look at the activities of these groups, the horror appearances of anyone dressed up as a clown are frequent in places populated by children and adolescents, such as colleges and schools. In a post of the group that deals with combat the problem in Perth, Australia, the apparition community is notified of a clown near a Catholic college in Burnbury, in the county of the city.
The irony of a "clown Hunter" from Fb group "Clown Sightings"

The threatening language is often used to deter those who, for fun, try to scare passers-by. Do not miss photos of men in wigs and red noses ridiculed or portrayed alongside hunters armed with rifles as they lie at their feet. It is a party game of course: parallel to the fashion of the clown was born that of anti-clown.

The irony, often macabre Wigsen.com, of clowns hunters come to identify the clown as a kind of game. Dozens of photomontages depicting permits for hunting clowns, viewfinders with guns pointing to the front of the clowns or even scenes that appear to come from the film thriller, where the clown's body is riddled with bullets from a firearm.

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 recommended a wig to give greater effect length Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

For the dress using the very classic kimono with long sleeves and a belt high band that closes compulsorily on the back with a bow. The cloth must be of a typical floral design, satin. To close the kimono (yukata) always remember to overlap the left side to the right side. Only for corpses kimonos is putting closed the right side over the left side!
Makeup base is the classic white powder. A black pencil will allow you to stretch his eyes giving him a bit 'of the distinctive "Oriental shape."
Finally lipstick should be red for stand out even more against the white of the face as the face powder.
Hair must be blacks, smooth mommy wig, and even without having to dye it is also recommended a wig to give greater effect length 3/4 wigs human hair uk, volume and composure to the hair. Flip-flops with high wedges are matched typical footwear.

In general, especially if you are in Japan, remember that it is very important the order and cleanliness, to the tiptoe: the shoes are removed before entering the house, in temples and in some restaurants inns called ryokan as it is remembered here.
Do not overdo it with jewelry and perfume. And the attitude must always be very respectful not to reveal the emotions (always remember to smile even if inside you try anger, sadness, disapproval and to never do reveal the feelings, the composure is key), carrying more than people elderly. So you have to dress not only apparel but also in the same style and behavior.
So it's carnival you want to do the geisha or a real encounter with the world and Japanese culture, remember to give equal attention to clothing as your attitude. The class is not water. Bring your dress with style and you will be beautiful even dressed as Japanese!

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On the Internet, these amateurs find references, details of costumes and manufacturing tutorials. It is also via social networks that Christine Marquise of the islands and her husband are invited to superb festivals in Rambouillet hair wigs for womens online, the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte or the historic fashion week, held last month in Meung-sur-Loire (Loiret). "It must be beautiful: I want to have stars in the eyes," confides the one who already has some awards to his credit.

The eighteenth century is his happiness. And allows him to have all the daring. "I'm pretty shy. But in this dress, it's not me, I play a character. To create it, she tracks Pinterest ideas and fleeting haunts and fleas in search of nice furnishing fabrics, samples of old lace.

A hobby that opens new markets to rare craftsmen like this wig-wig. "These fools of history represent 20% of my activity," says Sabrina Levesque, settled in her own in Normandy glueless full lace wigs, after working exclusively for the cinema in Paris. "The festival is a magical place and I've been there for years. At first I could not find my place. Because it was mostly medieval. Today, the Louis XVI period, the beacon of the wig, is in vogue. "

In the aisles of the Tigris, the actors of Sembadelle stroll in their funny cart, ready to drag the public into a street theater, outrageous and rabelaisian; On her stand, Corinne Chevalier, director of Les Gueuses, refines her make-up

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